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Thinking 287x300 Did You Know?Proper maintenance of your pool and the addition of the necessary chemicals make your pool a safe place to swim, however did you know that it is unsafe to swim if you have open wounds? Here’s why:

  • Although chlorine kills bacteria in the pool, it takes some time for it to work. Some germs, including Crypto, can survive in your swimming pool for several days after chemicals have been added. These germs can enter your wound and cause an infection.
  • You’re more likely to spread germs to other people who are using the pool. You should never swim with wounds that are releasing fluid.
  • Never expose wounds to undiluted swimming pool chlorine. It can burn your skin and/or cause serious health problems. If chlorine accidently gets on your skin, rinse with plenty of clean water to reduce the risk of adverse reactions.

Another common problem is urine. If you have a swimming pool then you’ve heard the endless jokes about kids and even adults peeing in the pool. Urine in your pool however is no joking matter as it can lead to health problems as well as a very strong chlorine smell to your pool water.

Chloramines are chemical compounds formed when chlorine mixes with ammonia. Urine in a pool can leave ammonia, especially if there are not high levels of chlorine in the pool. Chloramines are responsible for:

  • Strong smell of chlorine in the swimming pool water
  • Eye irritation

Prolonged exposure to chloramines can cause:

  • Increased irritation to the eyes, nose and throat

To prevent chloramines from forming, or to clear them from your pool, you must achieve breakpoint chlorination. This means that you must add enough chlorine to the pool to neutralize the chloramines, so that the chlorine is focused on cleaning rather than combining with the ammonia.

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