What to do to your Pool After it Rains

RainPool 287x300 What to do to your Pool After it RainsAfter it rains your swimming pool water will probably become green and dirty from algae and debris. It is best to clean it up immediately after a storm to prevent the algae from multiplying making the water much greener.

  • First you will want to clean all the debris from the surface of the water with a skimmer or debris net. Be sure to empty your skimmer baskets and clean the impeller pot on the pump.
  • Next, vacuum the pool bottom and sides using a pool vacuum.
  • Shock the water and add an algaecide and/or liquid chlorine to kill the algae.
  • Start up your pool pump and let it run for a full 24 hours.
  • Once the pool pump has run for the full 24 hours, it’s time to backwash the pump. Backwashing will reverse the water flow and expel the algae and debris from the pump filter.
  • After backwashing it is the time to shock the water again.
  • Add clarifier to your pool water four to five hours after the second shock treatment. Be sure to follow the instructions on your clarifier as most of the time it is very concentrated. The clarifier will clump the dead algae together so that it can be vacuumed up and discarded.
  • About two hours after adding the clarifier, it is time to vacuum the pool again.
  • Backwash again and allow the pump to run for the rest of the second day.
  • Repeat these steps until your pool water is clean and clear. Sometimes this can take up to a week to accomplish. Just be patient and backwash often to clear all of the algae out of the pump.

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