Spa Safety

Spa 287x300 Spa SafetyJust like a swimming pool, it is important to keep you, your family and friends safe while using your spa. Accidents can occur but following certain safety guidelines can lessen the chances.

  • A spa poses the same drowning hazard as a swimming pool. A locked safety cover will keep kids from being able to get into the water unsupervised.
  • Water in a spa that is hotter than body temperature can cause drowsiness. Having the water too hot could lead to unconsciousness and cause drowning, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
  • According to the CPSC, there are 74 known incidents of body parts being entrapped by the suction of drains on swimming pools, wading pools and hot tubs. There have also been drowning due to hair becoming entangled in drain covers. There should be two drains with dome covers installed in a spa to help eliminate these dangers.
  • Regular professional inspections of your spa can help eliminate safety hazards. Inspectors can check that drain covers are not cracked, and that the drains and other equipment are working properly.
  • Alcohol intoxication is a very real downing hazard for spa use. Safe use of a spa requires knowledge of how to turn off the pump in case of emergency.
  • Children should always be supervised when using a spa or pool.

Please contact us with questions regarding the safety, repair or installation of your spa.

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