Refilling a Newly Plastered Swimming Pool

FillingPool 287x300 Refilling a Newly Plastered Swimming PoolDue to the way plaster pools are constructed great care should be taken whenever filling a newly plastered or re-plastered swimming pool. If water comes into contact with the plaster too soon or too roughly, many problems can occur. There are a few things you must remember:

  • The pool plaster must be allowed to dry thoroughly. Several days in a dry environment will ensure that the plaster hardens properly and cannot slough off into the pool when water is introduced.
  • Lower a garden hose to the bottom of the pool and place on a soft cloth or rag. This will prevent the force of the water from etching away at the plaster when you begin filling the pool.
  • Fill the pool to halfway up the skimmer. Run the pool filter to remove any milky residue that might have entered the pool from the dry plaster.


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